Saying Farewell

As you may have noticed, this blog has been sitting idle for months now.  Today, I’m making it official.  Blogging and social media in general is a bitter sweet world.  Anyone can have a blog, anyone can fill a page with nonsense about what they think and feel, anyone can say whatever they want to say and fill the world with more useless knowledge.  I don’t want to be a part of that any longer.

I’ll be spending my days trying to know the Author of creation better rather than pretending to be an author of anything myself.  I feel called to just be still and know that He is God rather than fill my life with senseless endeavors where I am apt at only being misunderstood.  My world is just too small and my insecurities too many to make use of this rightly.  Since I hate the thought of being misunderstood Continue reading

Letters From Maple Grove Farm III

Photo compliements of

Photo compliements of

November 20

I know I’ll be seeing you Thursday but I couldn’t wait. I need to vent. I need my head examined! I need my old house back! Okay, okay, I feel better. It’s not that bad, really.

First, I am so excited that you guys can make it home for Thanksgiving after all! Mom and Dad love it when they have both their girls home for the holidays! Now that we live further from them, Mom seems a bit more clingy with us too. Thursday will be good.

Now about my house, my beautiful dream farm house. Luke got the ladder. The roof leak is worse than we thought. But then everything here is. We will need to “rip it off” and replace the whole roof. The shingles, the sheeting, everything. The boards were so rotted that Luke wouldn’t climb too far out onto the roof. Continue reading

Letters From Maple Grove Farm part 2

November 7

Leslie, Sorry to hear you and the kids are down with that nasty virus. I hope Jacob doesn’t get it. I know you all can’t afford for him to be out sick. We’re so fortunate that Luke and the kids are home and we don’t worry about missing work and school being sick. I know, you guys don’t feel called to homeschool. I’m not saying you should, but it is something to think about. We don’t get sick as often, the kids not being around sick kids all day. Luke working at home is a God send too, especially with all the work the farm is needing.

We move this weekend. We picked out the colors for the paint. I did talk Luke into the red for our room. I hope to find an old fashioned quilt at the farmer’s market to go in it. Luke is thinking about learning to Continue reading

Letters From Maple Grove Farm

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

The following is an excerpt from a piece of fiction I am working on. I had this idea of setting up a fictional blog that follows a family on their farming adventure. It begins with a series of letters from Aubrey to her sister, Leslie.

October 6

Well Les, I have to admit that when Luke said he bought a farm for my fortieth birthday I thought he was making a sick joke about my age. Something in the gleam in his eye made me stick around to hear him out though. Imagine my surprise when he pulled out photos of our new home.

I admit, I’ve wanted a farm for years now. My little garden plot just wasn’t enough. I have been threatening to lobby the city council for the right to raise chickens for some time. I never got around to it and now Continue reading